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We are looking for outstanding and highly motivated Ph.D. students (starting in Fall 2023 or earlier) to join our join Manchester Environmental Data Analytics Lab (MEDAL). Students will be co-supervised by

Our research projects include but not limited to: Prospective students with a background in Computer Science, Data Science, Applied Mathematics, Environmental Science and Engineering, Biosystems Engineering or other related fields are encouraged to apply. We prefer students with a M.S. (or MSc) degree.

Please fill out the form (before contacting us) if you are interested in working with us.

Note: The University of Manchester, in its present form, was created in 2004 by bringing together The Victoria University of Manchester (created 1824) and UMIST. Twenty-five Nobel Prize winners have either studied or conducted some of their work here: Rutherford began his work on splitting the atom here and the world's first modern computer also came into being at The Victoria University of Manchester. Professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov were awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in 2010. As a global institution, situated at the heart of a lively, culturally diverse city, we welcome applicants of all nationalities.

中文版本 (Chinese)


英国曼彻斯特大学环境数据分析实验室(Manchester Environmental Data Analytics Lab, 简称MEDAL)现诚聘优秀博士研究生,将由Prof. David Topping(阿兰·图灵研究所Turing Fellow,英国曼彻斯特大学Professor of Digital Environment)、郑中华博士(英国曼彻斯特大学数据科学与环境分析Lecturer、博士生导师)、宋从波博士(英国大气科学研究中心高级研究员)共同指导。另外,我们实验室常年欢迎访问学者和访问学生来访和合作研究。

我们实验室可支持申请以下以及其它符合条件的奖学金【申请难度:PDS > DDS > CSC】:

我们实验室相关研究方向主要集中在“数据科学 + 大气环境 + 气候变化”,包含但不限于: 申请条件: 申请流程: 学校、实验室、城市简介